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Perilous Times - About Us

About Us
Hello and welcome to Perilous Times! My name is Martin Banner. I was saved back in 1983 and received a call as a prophet soon after I came to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

I received many prophetic words from the Lord and from many prophets and prophetesses. The call from God was then confirmed by the Body of Christ when David Wilkerson prayed over me at a conference at Christ for the Nations Bible School. He received a word of knowledge and prayed to the Lord to give me great discernment.

That call was again confirmed when Wallace Heflin who was known as a prophet internationally and traveled to around 80 nations in his prophetic ministry, spoke a prophecy over me that I would receive a double portion of his mantle and that as God had used him as a prophet to the nations, he would also use me in the same way.

The call was again confirmed by the Body of Christ when Phyllis Dupree, who was recognized as a prophetess from Long Island, New York, and whom many of the large ministries in NYC and New Jersey looked to for prophetic counsel, spoke a word over me that I would be an Elijah to this generation.

This call was again confirmed by another well known prophetess, Mary Winchell, who birthed a large radio network with her husband Bruce, called Sound of Life. Mary prophesied over me at a tent revival we did in upstate New York, that the churches and minister's fellowship I started in that area were just training grounds for a very large work that the Lord had for me to do as a prophet.

Since then, I have had many other prophetic words from well known prophets about the call on my life. The Lord has used me to speak hundreds of prophetic words that have come to pass, some of the more noted ones are the 9-11 event, the Tsunami and the current economic collapse.

The Lord has used me to start a minister's fellowship, several local churches, a radio ministry, and Perilous Times. The Lord has used me to give words to large national ministries, as well as smaller local ministries, and words of national significance, as well as personal words to individuals.

Perilous Times began in 1998 when my family and I spent the summer in northern Canada in the wilderness of the great white north. During that time while I was in prayer, the Lord revealed to me that there was an event coming that would begin World War III and the rise of the little horn mentioned in Daniel 7:11.

I was shown that the event would occur on September 11th. I was not shown what year the event would occur, or where it would occur, or what the event would be. I was just told that an event was coming that would begin World War III and the rise of the little horn, the Antichrist.

This began the Perilous Times Newsletter and since then we have prophesied many world events through prophetic words and dreams as well as visions.

Since that first event of 9-11, we were shown the attempt to remove "One nation under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance, as well as the Tsunami that devastated much of the area of Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India. We were shown both of these events through prophetic dreams.

We also prophesied the current economic collapse in a word given in 2005, as well as coming food riots world wide in the major cities from a word given in early 2007.

We send out these prophetic words on our newsletter Perilous Times as well as discuss them on our radio broadcast also called Perilous Times.

The Word of God says in 2 Timothy 3:1
"This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come."

Perilous Times are now here!

We invite you to search our web site, and listen to our Radio Broadcast and learn more about what God is saying by the Holy Sprit to His church in these Perilous Times. The times you now find yourself living in!


Martin Banner