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Perilous Times - Prophecy & Dreams
Prophecy & Dreams
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Dubai...a Harbinger of Financial Armageddon?

Martin Banner - 11/27/09

We have been warning of the coming economic collapse and the ramifications to follow, which will be food riots, chaos in the cities world wide leading to rioting, looting and bringing on a climate that will require declarations of martial law to try and quell that chaos, for some time now. This economic chaos, coupled with higher prices for food and lower harvest yields world wide, will set the scene for the four horseman of the book of revelations to ride and bring us into the time of the great tribulation period prophesied in God's Holy Word, right before the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Is the default of Dubai a harbinger of greater economic upheaval to come and a sign that these things are at the door?

The world is on the verge of economic chaos and God is going to bring the nations into judgment before the great and terrible day of the Lord. God in His mercy, many times send us warnings to get our attention, for us to repent and prepare for the evil that is to come. I believe that the default of the nation of Dubai, is just such a warning. The alarms are going off...are you hearing them?

Do you realize that we are about to see resets on many altA mortgages in the next couple of months and that this has the potential to repeat the many defaults on loans we saw back in 2008 and could bring another great correction much like we saw in the fall of 2008? With a new round of resets with the potential to bring a second wave of mortgage defaults as large or larger than we saw from 2007-2009 in the near future and our economy already suffering from the first wave of foreclosures, are we now receiving a harbinger of a coming economic nightmare? With the whole global economy in a giant recession, that at times has looked like thecollapse of the great depression and global exports down to levels matching the great depression, with unemployment figures rivaling those of the collapse of 1929, we now see a country defaulting on its debt while the media is proclaiming that we are in a great recovery.

Are we in an economic recovery, or are we about to see the second leg down like we saw in the great depression of 1929? I believe that we are about to see the second leg down like in 1929, and that Dubai defaulting on its debt is a harbinger or warning of things to come.

It is my belief that we will see a domino effect of other nations defaulting, which coupled with the second wave of foreclosures brought on by the resets of the AltA mortgages, will trigger an economic tsunami that will bring down the entire financial system in the next few years. This could occur even much quicker if some other countries that are in similar financial distress as Dubai, follow suit. Here is a short list of countries to watch over the next few months for a domino effect of national defaults: UK, Ireland, Argentina, Spain, Turkey or Japan. If any of these other six countries goes default in the next couple of months, you needto take extreme measures to protect your finances, as it will be a sign that a financial domino chain reaction has gone into effect as nations begin to go bankrupt, leading to potential severe repercussions in the financial markets. What is God saying in these circumstances? What is the church to do in this hour?

It is time to seek the Lord and pray and get the mind of God on what to do with your finances, as they could all be lost in the financial storms that lie just on the horizon if you do not get God's mind and will and move upon it immediately, to protect you and your family from the financial destruction that is on the way. May God give you ears to hear and eyes to see!

Martin Banner

The Vision of the Dead Sea!

Martin Banner - 10/21/2009
I recently received this revelation in three stages from the Lord. Each stage was to bring a successive increased revelation of the word God was bringing to me. I have received many words from the Lord, but I feel this word may be one of the most significant to date, and I believe this is a substantial word to the Body of Christ on a world wide basis. The first stage was a prophecy I received during a church meeting some time ago. The second stage came when I received a vision from the Lord while I was praying and seeking Him concerning the prophecy I had received. The third stage was the prophetic word I received for the Body of Christfollowing the vision. I will explain the revelation in all three stages, as I received it from the Lord. Here is the Vision of the Dead Sea!

The Prophecy!

During a church meeting some time ago, I received the following prophetic word: "When you hear the train horns blow, remember, don't go down to Moab."

When I received this word, I knew immediately it was God speaking to me. I knew God had a divine message directly for me. I was not sure exactly what God was saying, but I knew this was the Lord and it was a word He had for me. Up to this time, I was not hearing or noticing any train horns. I had no knowledge of any train horns blowing, and I thought this word was kind of odd as to what God was saying, because it was relating to train horns.

When I received the word, we had just purchased a beautiful new home, and it just happens to be about one mile from active train tracks. Right after we received this prophetic word, we immediately started to hear train horns blowing in many places. The train horns started blowing several times a day on a regular basis.

I was on a phone call with a brother who we were planning to have oversee a farm we were looking to buy in Canada, and the train horn blew from a train near his home when we were speaking on the phone. We then flew the brother up from Minnesota to look at the farm in Canada, and while on the phone with the realtor, a train horn blew while going past the realtor's office in Canada. Then we were listening live to a conference from Nebraska with some brethren we know, and a train went by the conference location, and the train horn blew, and we could hear it blowing over the internet connection as we listened.

We then started planning a radio broadcast together with a minister from New Jersey, who was starting a new church plant in Manhattan. While listening to a recorded message of one of the meetings, we heard a train horn blow in the background. I called this minister up and asked him "Why do I hear a train horn blowing in the middle of Manhattan?" He then explained that the recorder had malfunctioned and he had to rerecord the message at his home in New Jersey, and a train went by while he was recording.

All of a sudden we had train horns going off all around us. It was supernatural! God was sounding some kind of alarm! We were on the phone with an apostle from Texas who ministers to the underground church in China. While on the phone with him and discussing an upcoming missionary trip to the Chinese underground church, I suddenly heard a loud train horn blowing in the background. I then asked him, "Was that a train horn?" He then replied, "Yes, Marty, I am in my backyard with a cell phone, and a train just went by a few feet away!" We had so many train horns going off, that we weren't sure what to do about it, butpray! Then one night, exactly at midnight, a very loud and unusual train horn blew twelve times as it went by our home exactly at 12:00 midnight. Of course, the number twelve is very significant in scripture and so is the time 12:00 midnight, as at midnight, there was a voice heard, "Arise, for the Bridegroom cometh." There are 12 tribes of Israel, and there were 12 apostles. The number 12,000 times 12 gives us the number 144,000 which is the number of those that are sealed, the overcomers.

At this point, with all the train horns blowing, we were asking God, what do you mean, "When you hear the train horn blow, remember, don't go down to Moab?" We sure are hearing the train horns blow Lord, sometimes up to twelve times a day, but what does this mean?

Don't Go Down To Moab

I began to seek the Lord as to what He meant by "Don't Go Down To Moab." The children of Moab were the descendents of Lot. They were the offspring of an incestuous relationship Lot had with one of his daughters. Moab is a place that represents the flesh. They were an accursed people, the children of disobedience. As I prayed, God started to reveal to me that Moab was a spiritual place, not a physical place.

At first, I thought the Lord was saying not to go down to New York. I thought it was a physical place that God was warning me not to go to. We had open doors to go on several Christian radio stations in New York City as well as secular stations in the city. We also were planning on helping the minister I mentioned with a church plant in Manhattan. I began to believe God was warning us not to move back to New York. I grew up in upstate New York and years ago I started several churches in that area along with a Minister's Fellowship. At one of the conferences, I had invited seven churches to participate, and I met my wife through thatconference. She had been to 37 doctors looking for help from an accident that left her injured, and she could find no help. God miraculously healed her during the conference. She is from the New York City area, and had attended a well known church there in Manhattan. We were planning on moving back to New York and were praying about this when we received the prophecy about the train horns. Now with train horns sounding an alarm almost everywhere we turned, we were quite hesitant about returning to New York. While in this setting, I received the following vision!

The Vision!

I was in my bedroom praying and talking with the Lord. When I want to get alone with God, I usually will go to the bedroom and get on my knees at the foot of my bed. This is the place where I usually meet with God. As I was there waiting on the Lord, I suddenly was able to see the Jordan River Valley right in front of my eyes. I could see the beginning of the Jordan River as it winds down the mountains and then flows into the Sea of Galilee. I could trace its route down, down, down all the way to the Dead Sea. It was as if there was a giant map there, sprawled out before my eyes. As I was looking at this map, the Lord started to speak to me.His hand pointed at the Sea of Galilee. He then said to me, "You have asked me why there is such a harvest from this well known ministry in Manhattan, and other ministries you see no harvest. I will now tell you why." The Lord went on to say, "This well known ministry has touched the world and has seen a great harvest because all the living waters that flow in, flow right back out to the lost and dying. All the life and revelation I have given them goes right back out to the lost world, just like the Sea of Galilee. This ministry you have asked me about in New York City is the Sea of Galilee church. The other ministries youhave inquired about, where there is no harvest, have been given more revelation and more truth, but they keep it to themselves, and therefore they have no harvest, and they have become a Dead Sea! If you notice the Dead Sea has seven times the living water flowing into it than the Sea of Galilee, but there are no waters flowing out. The Dead Sea has seven times the life flowing in, but no life flowing out, so it is dead. The end time ministries that have such great revelation of my Word, but do not reach out to the lost, are just like the Dead Sea!" They have no harvest and they have no life and no ministry to the homeless or orphans.No ministry to those in prison, no burden for lost souls and so they are dead. These churches are a Dead Sea church. "Even though they have a greater understanding of My Word, and a greater understanding of prophetic events, they have become a Dead Sea! While I was ministering on the earth, I spent most of my ministry around the Sea of Galilee. It was on the shores of the Sea of Galilee that I spent most of my time ministering. Here is where I instructed my disciples to lower the nets on the other side; here is where there was a harvest of souls. I never went down to the Dead Sea!"

The vision ended and I have recalled it for you to the best of my memory. As I left the bedroom to share the vision with my wife and daughter, my wife met me with a booklet in her hand. It was a bible lesson my daughter was working on. My wife opened it up to the page they were working on, and there before my eyes was a map of the Jordan River Valley. God was again confirming His Word to me, as He usually does. Just as He confirmed the word, "When you hear the train horns blow, remember don't go down to Moab." God had sent us train horns from so many places and so many times, there was no doubt that He was confirming His word.Now I was seeing the map I just saw in a vision, right in front of my eyes in a bible lesson book. My wife said to me, "We were just studying this yesterday about the Dead Sea and I just now felt led to come up and show it to you."

As I looked at the map and looked at the Dead Sea, my eyes were drawn just to the right of the Dead Sea. What did it say? The land of Moab! The children of Moab lived on the shores of the Dead Sea! I now had the answer to my prayer! Don't go down to Moab meant don't go down to the Dead Sea. They were one and the same! Where did the children of Moab live? Along the Dead Sea! God was warning us not to be involved with any ministry that touts great spiritual revelations, but has no life going out to the broken and the lost. In God's eyes such a ministry is a Dead Sea! They may have seven times the living waters going in, but ifnothing is going out, they are Spiritually Dead!

The Word!

Has Your Church Become a Dead Sea?

The Lord has made it known to me that there are two types of churches. There are Sea of Galilee churches and Dead Sea churches. A Sea of Galilee church has the heart of God. They reach out to the lost, they evangelize. They have a vision for souls. They minister to the needy and to the broken. The Sea of Galilee church fulfills the great commission to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

Mark 16:15

And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

The Sea of Galilee church ministers to the broken. They feed the hungry, they cloth the naked, they preach the good news of the gospel of the kingdom to the nations. They win souls and they have the heart of Jesus for the lost. They are God's true church. The life that God gives them goes right back out to a lost and dying world. In the Sea of Galilee church there is a harvest of souls and there is the life of God!

The Dead Sea church is concerned about themselves. They are inwardly focused. They are spiritual Moab. They are more concerned about revelation knowledge than reaching the lost. They have no vision for souls. Their vision is themselves. They are always looking to obtain some higher place in God but they never do what God has commanded His church to do, to reach the lost. They have no vision for the broken. They may have abundance of truth and revelation, and like the Dead Sea, they may have much more living water flowing into them, but they have no living waters flowing out to a lost and dying world, so they have become spiritually dead.Instead of the life of God, they experience spiritual death. Like the Dead Sea, they are dead with no life and no harvest in their midst.

Which church do you have? Which church do you attend? Is your church a Sea of Galilee church, filled with the life of God and a great harvest of souls? Does your church have living testimonies seated all around you of souls that have been transformed by the power of God and are now living a blessed, victorious Christian life? Or does your church have a persistent emphasis with an inward focus of obtaining some higher place in God, with greater revelation of His word, but the testimony is broken lives that are full of lack and despair, and have no signs of God's life, but spiritual death seems to be everywhere? If you are not a Sea ofGalilee church, the good news is YOU CAN BE! Jesus said that He came that they might have life and life more abundantly.

John 10:10

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

If you want that abundant life, than you must become the Sea of Galilee church and let those living waters flow right back out to the world, just like the Sea of Galilee. If you want abundant life, than do not be the Dead Sea church for another day! Make the decision in your heart that you are not going to focus on yourself, but on the needs of others, and let the life of God flow through you to this lost and dying world. Let that life of God flow to the lost, to the broken, to those in prison, to the sick, to the homeless and the hurting. If you do this you will find that God has an endless abundant supply of living waters that He will sendinto your midst, which if allowed to flow to the lost, will touch many lives and bring in a great harvest of souls. If you refuse, than you choose to be a Dead Sea church and you choose spiritual death that is already working all around you, and one day the Lord Jesus Christ will separate the sheep from the goats based upon what they did and did not do.

Matthew 25:31-46

When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory: And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats: And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left. Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world: For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I wassick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me. Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink? When saw we thee a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee? Or when saw we thee sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels: For I was anhungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not. Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungred, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee? Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me. And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

Choose to be the Sea of Galilee church. Choose the heart of God and you will have an eternal reward. Choose to be the Dead Sea church and focus on yourself and you will regret it and could end up having an eternal punishment. The choice is yours to make. Choose ye this day life!

Martin Banner

Dream of Clocks

Martin Banner - 9/29/09
In my dream I was speaking on the telephone with a brother named Tony. I then found myself lying in bed very sleepy and I then fell to sleep. While I was sleeping I was thinking and pondering things. I knew that I was asleep and then while dreaming a strange thing occurred. While I was looking into the black with my eyes shut, I started to see light coming though my closed eyelids. Then the light changed to me seeing through my eyelids and looking at the green wall of the bedroom. I could then see the colors of the wall like I was looking through my eyes, but my eyes were still shut. At this point I am not sure whether I was in a dream stateor whether I was receiving a vision, because at this point I was able to look around the bedroom and see and perceive everything as if I were looking through open eyes, but my eyes were still shut and I was still sleeping, but I was conscious of what was happening.

I then looked around the room and I noticed that there were all types and sizes of strange clocks hanging from the ceiling of the bedroom. I was able to look all around the room even though my eyes were still shut. There were a great number of these clocks hanging from the ceiling. I do not wish to guess how many, but we will say there were many many clocks hanging suspended from the bedroom ceiling all over the room. Everywhere I looked there were clocks. Now the interesting thing is that with all of these clocks hanging from the ceiling, I could not discern what time it was. It was as if there was no time being registered on any of theseclocks.

At this point I started to become alarmed, because I knew something supernatural was taking place. I struggled to open my eyes and wake up, but all I was seeing were clocks hanging all over the bedroom from tiny plastic tubes of some sort.

I jumped up and finally opened my eyes, when I did there were the same clocks still hanging there in plain site. Now I do not know if this is a vision or dream, but then next I awaken starring at the green color of the paint on my bedroom wall. This is exactly how the dream or vision began with me seeing the green wall through closed eyelids.


Once I was awake I started to ask the Lord, "what does this mean?" I then hear a voice speak to me the following. My church is asleep and they do not know what time it is. You also are asleep, but I have given you eyes to see. Most do not have eyes to see. You are to call out to them and tell them that there is no time left.

The clocks represent the time in the spirit. The church does not know what time it is. They can not see what time it is. Everywhere I looked I saw clocks. I know what time it is. I have been given eyes to see and ears to hear. I know that there is not much time left and soon the door of grace will close and the tribulation period will begin and we will enter the night season when no man can work.

Everywhere I look I see that the hour is late and soon time will be no more. I have been instructed to let everyone I know what time it is. We are now in the beginning of sorrows. Soon we will be in the night season where no man can work and the tribulation period will begin. Whatever it is that God has called you to do, DO IT NOW! I am now testifying to you by the power and revelation of the Holy Spirit that you do not have much time left! Jesus is Coming!

Martin Banner

Vision of Refugees Fleeing NYC!

Martin Banner - 2/28/09
I was lying in bed getting ready to go to sleep for the evening, when I suddenly saw a vision in the Spirit of chaos in NYC and then massive numbers of people fleeing the city heading north on the NYS Thruway and the Taconic State Parkway.

These people were fleeing in panic from chaos and rioting that was taking place in NYC and they were heading north to escape the chaos. I saw them travel up the NYS Thruway and the Taconic State Parkway and stop in the areas of Columbia, Greene, Duchess and Ulster counties.

I then heard a voice say .Behold the harvest! I desire to bring in a harvest from these people..

Then I heard a voice say .2 million refugees shall flee the city looking for help, I want to bring in a harvest from these people..

Then I received this prophetic word.

Tell my church to prepare to bring in a harvest, for chaos is coming to the cities and 2 million refugees shall flee the greater NYC and Long Island area and they shall travel north to the upper Hudson Valley region.

If the church will lay down their lives to bring in this harvest, it will be her greatest hour and a great harvest shall come in. If they draw back in fear and self preservation, the opportunity shall be lost and all they will see is judgment and darkness and the opportunity shall be lost forever!

Martin Banner

The Day of the Lord is at hand!

Martin Banner - 2/27/09
For the day of the Lord is at hand.

Seek to join yourself to no man. For they have all polluted themselves and they do imagine a vain thing. Lie upon lie and vanity upon vanity. So do they build their own house.

The day of vengeance is at hand to sweep through the entire land. The sword is drawn and soon it will be wet with their blood. For they have all forsaken me and they have chased after another. They have polluted themselves, every one of them and they do pollute my sanctuary says the Lord. They do raise themselves up and proclaim but that which they proclaim I have not said nor have I told them. They are a rebellious house and a rebellious people.

The day of vengeance is at hand and I will render to every man according to his work. To one it shall be good to another it shall be evil, but they shall eat of the fruit of their own ways. I will establish my house, a city set on a hill and only the holy and pure shall travel there, all others shall be no more. The sword is drawn and soon it shall be wet, wet with their blood. They have provoked me from my place and now I will come to visit them in their sin and in their rebellion. The sword is drawn and soon it will be wet with their blood. For the innocent I will bring retribution and for the just and slain of my people I shall stand up.I shall stand up as one in battle array and I will make war. I shall fight for those that are mine and I shall fight against those who pretend to be mine and they shall be no more.

Gather yourselves, I say gather yourselves together. Gather to fight against my elect and chosen ones. Gather yourselves, for I proclaim that I myself shall fight for them and I shall lay thee to waste in the city and I shall lay thee to waste in the field. I shall make an open show of thee and thou shalt be no more.

House of Saul is under Judgment!

Martin Banner - 2/24/09
Jeremiah 5:13-14

.For from the least of them to the greatest of them, every one is greedy for gain, and from the prophet even to the priest everyone deals falsely. And they have healed the brokenness of my people superficially, saying peace, peace but there is no peace..

They are greedy for gain, they deal falsely and they have not healed God's people. The house of Saul is under judgment all over the land! All the Saul's that have sought their own and their sons will have the kingdom torn from them and given to a man after God's heart. They do seek their own and to be seen of men. They are concerned with position and how they appear before the people, but have lost their vision and are blind to how they appear to God.

It is time for David to arise, shake himself off and exit the cave of Addullam. He has an appointment in Jerusalem. He has a destiny to fulfill!

Martin Banner

Vision of Food Riots!

Martin Banner - 1/7/08
In my vision I saw panic and chaos in cities throughout the World. The price of food had risen to the point that it became unaffordable for third world nations. Fathers who worked all day were not able to put food on the table for their families. They became angry and mobs formed and then they began to riot and eventually became violent and started to loot entire cities.

This spread throughout the cities of third world countries. Then something happened that made the situation much worse and the food riots spread all over the world including in the United States of America. Eventually this led to martial law to try and quell the rioting. This will lead to the four horsemen riding and great starvation throughout the earth.

No interpretation is necessary as this vision is very plain and specific.

God's House

Martin Banner - 8/15/07
While I was lying in bed this morning the thought came to me "Unless the Lord build the house, they which labor, labor in vain". Then it was as if the Lord put a question in my mind.

How do I build my house?

Which then the thought came... I build it by My Spirit working through My people. Which I then pondered upon this statement.

Then I saw Nehemiah and the physical house of God in shambles... then I saw the spiritual house of God in a deteriorated condition and again the question... how do I build My house?

Then I thought... well Lord you use your people anointed by your Spirit to do your work.

Then what came to me was the following:

  • Evangelism
  • Teaching
  • Exhorting
  • Disciplining
  • Feeding the Hungry
  • Clothing the Naked
  • Visiting the sick
  • Visiting those in prison
  • Taking in the homeless
  • Preaching the good news
  • Shepherding the flock
  • On and on the list goes...
Now the point is... God doesn't just come down on an area and build His house. He works with His people to build the house, and if we neglect any of the above, the house of God goes into deterioration.

One of the greatest hindrances to building the house of God in any area is division and discord among brethren. This is a great hindrance to the building of God.s house. The other is the neglect of our responsibilities such as the list above. When both neglect on our part and division exist, then the house of God goes into spiritual decline. Another major hindrance is false doctrine and false teachers. This problem is extremely prevalent in the work of God in America today.

Another question came to me. "Why did Nehemiah need to rebuild the wall before restoration could take place in Jerusalem and in the Temple?"

I am searching for an answer, but to me it looks like the wall represents unity of the leadership in the Body of Christ. It seems to be the restoration of the five fold ministry and a unity in vision and purpose to build and restore the House of God.

It seems to me that the Lord is showing me that just like in Nehemiah.s time, the walls are torn down and the gates are wide open. The walls of course represent protection to the city. I believe the Lord is saying that the walls in the Hudson Valley are torn down and the gates are wide open to enemy attack.

If you remember the terrorists flew their airplanes right down the Hudson Valley and struck the twin towers right at the mouth or the beginning of the Hudson Valley.

Why where the terrorists able to fly their planes down the Hudson valley and attack the country and bring so much destruction? The walls are torn down and the gates are burned. What walls are torn down? The leadership of the body of Christ in the Hudson Valley. I believe the gates in the walls represent the five fold ministry and the walls themselves represent unity within the body. The walls are torn down (no more unity) and the gates are burned (five fold leaders have fallen).

There is no more protection over the area. I believe the Lord is showing me that another terrorist attack is imminent and it will again come through the Hudson Valley of New York as the walls are torn down and the gates are burned which are both prophetically speaking about the leadership of the church and the division in the church.

Who will build the walls back up again? Who will restore the gates? Who will bring a vision to build?

Once the gates are built it is the watchmen, God.s prophets, who ascend the walls and watch over the gates that no enemy may enter in through the gates. I believe this represents the prophets watching over the points of entry into the Body of Christ which come through the five fold ministry to make sure no false doctrine or false teachers or heresies enter though the gates.

If I am correct, we can expect another terror attack to come through the Hudson Valley of New York. The gates are wide open and walls are torn to the ground.

May God have mercy on the Hudson Valley of New York and may He raise up builders of the wall to raise up the gates again.

Martin Banner

Massive Burial Pit

Martin Banner - 8/13/07
I am sending out this dream which I had about a massive pit that seemed to be the size of about 6 football fields combined, and approximately 20-40 feet deep. In the dream I was shown the pit from above, and I could see large dump trucks driving around inside the pit, spreading a white powder all along the bottom of the pit. The white powdery substance seemed to be lime.

The pit had many trucks that were the very large dump trucks that have the large tires that are around the size of a small house. There were many of these large vehicles inside the pit that were spreading what appeared to be lime all along the bottom of the pit.

When I awoke, I felt for sure that what I was just shown was a massive burial pit. I called a friend who was in the military years ago and asked him if they spread lime in mass graves. He told me that it is standard procedure to spread lime in a mass grave and that it is done to keep disease from spreading and to cut down on the foul odor of the decaying corpses. I had no prior knowledge that lime was used for burial pits until after this dream.

Well I think this dream is pretty self explanatory and needs no interpretation, as it appears to be a mass grave approximately the size of 6 football fields and from what I can recall it appeared to be 20-40 feet in depth.

The question is, just how many bodies can fit in a mass grave the size of 6 football fields and 20-40 feet deep and what type of event would it take in order to necessitate such a mass grave?

The hour is late, we need to be praying church. We need to seek God now! The tribulation is at the door!

Repent and call upon the Lord. Turn from your secret sins while there is still time left!

Martin Banner

Torn Nets Need Mending!

Prophecy to the elders in the Hudson Valley of New York

Martin Banner - 8/9/07
My nets for the harvest in the Hudson Valley of New York have been torn and rent. This has been the work of the evil one to divide and conquer the Body of Christ in the Hudson Valley. There must come a mending of the nets in the Hudson Valley in order for My purposes for My people to be fulfilled in this area. I call for my leaders who will make up My end time Bride to assemble themselves together in a spirit of humility and reconciliation. Those who are apostolic and prophetic will hear My voice to reach out to those they have wounded and those who have been driven away. This is among My remnant, those who bare the burden to preach MyGospel of the Kingdom and to see Me High and lifted up and enthroned upon My people. Do not delay in this task, as I do build My church and this is the hour, this is the hour of reconciliation.

I will start with My leaders and I will bring a new vision into the area, I will breathe new life into those who have My vision to build My church. Those who have exalted self and those who have drawn swords against their brothers and have blood on their hands will not partake of this move of My Spirit. Those who are meek and of a contrite heart shall partake of what I do in this hour. All those who have come with selfish ambition shall be driven away. Those who have built their own kingdoms shall suddenly be no more and I will clear a path for those to march in the Kingdom message. It must begin and end with humility, humble yourselves andextend the hand of forgiveness and mercy to your fellow brother in whom I have called you to labor with in My harvest.

I am coming soon and all things shall be performed according to My plan. I will muster my leaders as a general would muster his troops for the battle. I will mend the nets in the Hudson Valley and then I will tell you to lower them and then shall your joy be full as the nets shall be full once again.

I submit this word to the elders of the Hudson Valley.

I believe what I am seeing is a vision of a net with Satan.s sword of division cutting through the net and cutting it into pieces. The net is shredded and in parts and basically useless to the Lord to bring in any Harvest.

I then see those parties running off in their own direction and trying their best to mend their torn piece of the nets. They then fashion their own little dip nets and start dipping their little net into the sea with little to no results.

What I believe the Lord is saying is that the nets have been cut and rent in pieces and now they need to be mended by the Holy Spirit. This mending needs to start with those men who have been called and equipped to be leaders in the area to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. I do not believe this meeting of leaders should be opened up to those who still preach their own kingdom or divisive messages and who still cling to a man centered Gospel. I do not believe that those who hold positions of pastor over the people and love to have the preeminence among the brethren as Diotrepehes did, should be involved in this at this time. Once the mendinghas taken place among the leadership and a solid foundation of unity has been built among the leaders there needs to be joint services that would include outreaches to the lost such as tent meetings, open air meetings and conferences.

I submit this word to the elders of the Hudson Valley.

Martin Banner

Dream of Second Tidal Wave

Martin Banner - 2/15/07
In the dream I found myself moving to a new location and a new home. It appeared to be a very large two story home with it backing onto a back bay somewhere on the water. I assume that in the dream the location to be somewhere along the coast of Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island as we have been looking at homes in that area for some time and have even been putting in offers on Homes in New Brunswick and looking at others closer to the ocean. In the dream we had just moved to this new home. It was very peaceful and beautiful and in the back yard there was a bay that had water and reeds and such and I went into the back yard to stroll alongthe beach and waterfront.

The setting was just gorgeous and I was enjoying strolling along the waters edge when suddenly I started to hear something roaring like approaching trains. The ground began to shake and the noise grew louder and louder. As I looked up I could in the distance make out a great wall of foaming water heading in my direction. I immediately turned and started running toward the house. As I ran I could see walls of water everywhere, at first I was running from the water and then all of a sudden the water was everywhere and I was in the midst of giant waves.

The house disappeared right in front of me and I could make out a churning swirling wall of white froth and at that moment I cried "Father Help Me!" As soon as those words left my mouth immediately the hand of God started to lift me above the water, as the water rose I was held above it until I could see everything in site had gone completely under water.

The size and strength of this tsunami seemed to be much greater than the one I was shown in the first dream. The tsunami in the first dream seemed to be between 20-30 feet high and the damage was minimal, while this tsunami appeared to be somewhere around 100 feet in height and everything as far as one could see went under water.


My interpretation to this dream is much like the first one. I believe another giant tsunami is coming and this one will be much more severe than the last one. In the dream it appeared to be a home in Atlantic Canada but this does not mean that the tsunami will hit that area. I have learned to only go with what God reveals. He has shown me that another tsunami is coming and that it appears to be larger than the last one. It was not made clear the location although we have been looking at homes in Atlantic Canada.

In the first dream I was asked "what is coming next?" It appears now that this last tsunami was a great event in the last days scenario and many believe it has now moved the earth off of its axis and it appears that magnetic north has now moved up to 2,000 miles. This has apparently created great changes in our weather and now both polar ice caps are melting at alarming rates. What this next tsunami will do I am not sure but I believe it will have even greater impacts on our weather and the earth in general.

Prophecy To America

Martin Banner - 2/20/05
Hear the Word of the Lord, oh America! Have I not called to thee as one calls to His bride to come to the bridal chamber and you would not! Have I not called to thee as a lover calls to His beloved and you would not hearken! Have you not said "we have other lovers to pursue, the god's of money, success and prosperity". So, I the Lord will strike your false god's and they shall come to naught and you shall find yourself naked, saith the Lord your God. You shall look to be clothed and shall not be, because you looked not to Me, but to your own god's of prosperity and wealth. I shall bring down your idols of gold andsilver and shall bring them into the dust!

Why shall I do these things?

Because you have broken the covenant, and done despite to the Spirit of Grace and have turned to your other lovers and have forsaken Me, the Lord your God. So have I sent a sign to you, oh America! A sign of judgment and not blessing, for your false prophets run to and fro proclaiming peace and prosperity, when I have determined war and judgment.

You have murdered your own children, oh America!

The precious fruit of the womb have you sacrificed to your false god's of prosperity and wealth. The spirit of murder is on your land and the blood of millions of innocent children is on your hands. You call it choice, but I call it MURDER! You call it abortion, but I call it an ABOMINATION! My anger has come up in my face because of your wickedness and your lewdness, oh America! I will wink at your sin no more! For I have sent a sign to thee! A sign of things to come! For even as the World Trade Center was a symbol of your false god of prosperity, so I have sent a sign of judgment to you by allowing your false idol to be destroyed. Thiswas a sign of judgment to you, oh America. For even as the sinking of the Titanic was a sign of judgment to England, after her visitation during the Welsh Revival. So was what occurred on September 11th to the World Trade Center, a sign of judgment to you, oh America.

I have this against thee, oh America! You have spilled the blood of the unborn and now you have the audacity to even kill your children as they are being born, which you call "full term abortion". I hate these acts of rebellion and I will judge you for it America. You murder your innocent children and then you ask me to bless America? I am the Lord your God, and I will not be mocked! I will not bless these acts of murder and rebellion, but rather I will enter into judgment with you, oh America! I warn you to turn from your wickedness, for you are weighed in the balance and are found wanting. Surely my destruction is on the way! Youshall pay for the innocent blood which you shed daily upon your land, for that blood cries to me day and night for judgment!

So hear what I will do to you! You who protect the sodomite and murder the child! I will make an end of you! Even as I sent the Titanic to the ocean floor as a sign of judgment to that generation because they failed to discern the hour of their visitation. So have I sent the World Trade Center into the dust as a sign of judgment to this generation. Even as the Titanic was a sign of judgment to England that World War I would follow. So is the destruction of your economic center a sign of judgment that your economy shall fail, and World War shall follow, and even as it was with the Titanic, that more perished than were saved, so shall it bewith you America!

When I bring my fiery judgments upon your land, more of your children shall perish than shall be saved, and even as I divinely ordained for my servant John Harper to be on board the Titanic at the time of her sinking, and even as his appointment to preach his scheduled revival meetings had to be cancelled. So shall it be with your ministers, oh America! They will have to cancel their itineraries to preach to the dying, and even as it was on the Titanic that I brought in a harvest through judgment and some were saved as though by fire. So shall it be with thee, America! Your ministers will cancel their meetings to minister to the dying andthrough judgment and hardship will come in a harvest! So shall it be with thee, America!

For even as I have called and you have not hearkened, now through judgment and hardship I will call again, and then you will hear my call. Then shall you look to return to the Lord your God! When your economy fails, and you find yourself at war, and millions have perished.

Men said that even I could not sink the Titanic, yet I allowed it to sink! Your financial prognosticators have said that even I could not sink your prosperous economy, yet I will cause your prosperity to come to nothing, says the Lord.

Why, you ask, would a God who loves us do such a thing?

Because you, oh America, have turned from me, you have forsaken the Lord your God, and have pursued other god's which can not satisfy you. That is why I have placed this deep hunger within you! You long for something to fulfill the emptiness of your soul, and yet you find no satisfaction! You will not be satisfied until you return to the fountain of your blessing, which is in Me, the Lord who formed you!

I have this against you, oh America! You consult witches and horoscopes instead of Me! Your land is polluted and has become barren from all of the harlotries and occult practices, which I despise!

REPENT! Repent America and return to the Ark of thy safety! For safety can only come from Me, the Lord who has set thy boundaries, and even as I raised up My servant Rees Howell to intercede for England during her time of affliction and war. So shall I call to my intercessors to cry out for you America, that I might spare thee from my fury and that I might deliver you from your evil ways.

Hear Me, oh My people! Call out to Me, the Righteous Judge of the earth and I will hear your cry! Be not discouraged for what your eyes see and what your ears hear. Cry to Me in your day of affliction and I will hear you and deliver you! Cry out for the sin that is all around you. Cry to the Lord of the Harvest, that I might have a Holy Remnant in this land. Oh My people, be not burdened with this world and its false hope, but cry out to Me and be delivered from this false sense of security.

Return to Me! Return with a right heart and seek Me and I will hear your cry! He who has made the eye, can I not see? He who has made the ear, do I not hear?

Cry out and spare not and warn My people to repent and return to me with a clean heart, and I will receive them.

I will have a harvest in the earth, says the Lord, but I will first shake heaven and earth to gather it in.

Tsunami Dream

Martin Banner - 5/23/04
On the evening of May 22nd, 2004 I was given the following dream. In the dream I was at a strange and unknown home. The house had a river flowing behind it with hills around it. It was a large home and at the home there was a meeting of the brethren taking place.

I found myself in the meeting and apparently this was a house church that was meeting in this home. During the meeting it appeared that this group of believers was looking to me for spiritual direction and that I was ministering to them during the meeting. At this time someone in the meeting looked at me and said "what is coming next?" To which I replied, there is coming a tidal wave. Once those words left my mouth we all heard a tremendous roaring sound, it was like the approaching of many train engines, the ground began to shake and a tremendous roar could be heard. We hurriedly rushed to the window and as we peered out thewindow towards the river we could see a wave of water approaching up the river.

The scene then immediately changed, as it does sometimes in dreams to a future point where we found ourselves on the top of one of the nearby hills. We all had tents and were camping out on the hills until the water receded. I then woke up from the dream and that morning shared the dream with my wife Cherie and my daughter Elizabeth Joy.

Later that day I was impressed to contact a brother I know named Brother George. I was impressed to call him and relate this dream to him. I know Brother George through an internet web site and have never met him nor have I been to his home. After I shared the dream with Brother George he said "Marty, that sounds exactly like our house in the dream. We have a river behind our home and hills around it just like in the dream. We also have a house meeting in our home."

After being told this I was quite impressed that the Lord had led me to call Brother George and relate the dream to him and felt that there was some connection with his home and the dream of the Tidal Wave. I later called a brother Martin who was an elder in a church with Brother George in Ohio and shared the dream with him. He also was impressed that the house in the dream seemed to be Brother George's.


The interpretation of the dream seems to be that the next great event on God's timetable dealing with the end time is an enormous tidal wave coming. Brother George's home is on the east coast and seemed to be the house in the dream. It appears that there is a massive tidal wave coming to the east coast of the United States of America and will be centered near Brother George's home.



The dream was at least partially fulfilled on Dec. 26th 2004 when an enormous tsunami slammed into Indonesia and several other countries killing an estimated 300,000+ people. It has been said of the tsunami that it is one of the worst recorded disasters in history.

First, I want to condemn this horrific act of terrorism perpetrated against the American people and all acts of terrorism committed anywhere against anyone. Acts of terror and fear, designed to manipulate people, are condemned by God and by His word.

Second, I want to pray and ask God for healing for all those who lost loved ones, family, and friends in this terrible event. Our prayers and our sympathy go out to each and every one of you and we pray for healing for your hurt and pain. The word of God says to weep with those who weep and mourn with those who mourn and I know that many of you have suffered an irreplaceable loss, due to this wicked and evil criminal act.

The fulfillment of the dream came through a number of unusual events. In October my family and I were experiencing a number of attacks of the enemy coming through close relationships and in particular our neighbors. We also were experiencing a large amount of attacks directly against our business, which had been going on for several months. A number of these attacks were coming from professing Christians. These attacks could be summed up as demonic in nature and seemed to be persecution aimed at our beliefs and lifestyle. We believe that the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ should be different from the world, His people should be separatefrom the world, a people set aside for Him, and we also believe that nominal Christianity is a mirror of the world, it watches the worlds TV, goes to the worlds movies, listens to the worlds music and dresses and acts like the world. The nominal Church even has a divorce rate that is higher than the worlds.

The persecution became so intense that we decided to move. We took a trip up to Canada to look at some homes with a Christian couple, once we were there they abandoned us and left and returned home. At this time I called Brother George since we were near his home and I thought we could go and stay and visit with him while we sought the Lord for direction. Once we came to his house I realized this was the house in the dream, Brother George showed me the river behind his house and I could see the hills all around his home. Later we sat in on one of the house meetings they have at the home, a few days later the tsunami hit in Asia. The Lordshowed me the tsunami at Brother George's house because he knew we would be visiting brother George when the tidal wave hit. We are all amazed at the goodness of the Lord. Not only did He show us what was coming, but He also let us know that we were in His will and that He knew we would be at this particular home when the tidal wave struck.

Anyone who wishes can contact us and I will provide contact information for both Brother George and Brother Martin who will confirm that this occurred exactly as I am writing.

Even as Joseph found himself in some very intense circumstances that led him to Egypt and eventually to the fulfillment of the dream he was given, so we had gone through similar circumstances which led to the fulfillment of this dream. God is in control, He knows all things. He knows our past, our present and our future. He is a sovereign God and His purposes shall not be defeated and of the dominion of His kingdom there shall be no end. It is an everlasting kingdom. Hallelujah! He is in control of every aspect of our lives right down to the minute detail. Once again He has proved Himself strong on the behalf of His people.

We pray for the victims of this tragedy and their immediate family and friends. We pray that God would use this event to draw people to himself. We pray for the Indonesian government that has persecuted the brethren in Indonesia to repent and stop their attacks against God's people. We pray that all people who read this dream would realize the hour in which we are living and would put the Lord and His work first priority in their lives.

Amen and Amen. To God be the Glory.

The Lord has now shown me many of the major events in the last few years including 9-11, the Tsunami, The changing of the Pledge of Allegiance, The Raising of the Titanic, World War Three and the coming economic collapse as well as the coming disarming of America and the aftermath. So far everything we have put out on the newsletter as coming from the Lord has come to pass. I believe at this time the Lord wants me to focus my time and commitment upon the prophetic call on my life. Please pray for direction for me and my family as we seek the Lord about our business, and selling our business in order to serve the Lord in what He wants.

May the Lord Bless you with His presence in these Perilous Times

In everything you say and do let the Love of God shine through and beloved keep your eyes on the eastern skies.

Martin Banner

Dream of Pledge of Allegiance

Martin Banner - 6/2/02
In my dream I found myself standing in front of a high school with a large group of children assembled in front of the school reciting the pledge of allegiance. When they came to the part with "one nation under God" they said "one nation along side another nation" instead.

I immediately took note of this change in the words of the pledge and noticed that "one nation under God" had been removed and replaced with "one nation alongside another nation".

After this the children began to recite a World Anthem.

The next thing that occurred was I saw tanks and airplanes and military equipment with both U.S. and Russian insignia's on them. The military equipment seemed to be involved with a joint military exercise and working together.

Then I was lifted up into the heavens where I could see both the U.S. and Russian countries as they were changing. The U.S. was becoming more and more like Russia and socialistic communism and Russia was becoming more and more like the United States and democracy.

This continued until the U.S. lost most of its freedom and liberty and Russia acquired more and more freedom until the two nations seemed almost identical and then I awoke from the dream.


It appears the dream is saying that there will be an attempt to remove "one nation under God" from the pledge of allegiance and that this event will signify the beginning of the loss of freedom and liberty in the United States while Russia will continue to receive more and more freedom until the two nations will be almost identical in their political structure.


About three weeks after I received the dream about the changing of the pledge of allegiance the California supreme court passed a law saying that .One nation under God. was unconstitutional and that the pledge could no longer be recited in California. After this ruling 9 states in the west banned the pledge of allegiance. This was a partial fulfillment to the dream.

"One nation under God" was said to be unconstitutional and the pledge was banned in many states. This was an attempt to begin to remove the clause .One nation under God" from the pledge of allegiance just like in the dream.

This attempt I believe is the sign that the United States of America will now begin to loose it's freedom and liberty and Russia will begin to receive more and more freedom and look more and more like a democracy. The US is a Republic, but will loose most if its freedom and will end up looking much like Russia's socialistic communism, while Russia will appear to have more and more freedom looking like a democracy until the two nations will be almost identical in political structure. Then one day they will sing a World Anthem as the nations of the earth unite into an Antichrist global government.

The attempt to remove .One nation under God. from the pledge of allegiance I believe is the sign according to the dream that these things have begun to take place.

The tribulation is close at hand!

It is time to go fishing for the souls of men!

Come To Me
And Dine at the King's Table

Martin Banner - 1/2001
I say to you, many of you are weak in the faith and have left your first love. You no longer know My presence or power in your midst. You no longer expect Me to show up in your meetings. You have left your first love and have become satisfied dining at other tables that will not satisfy. Know ye not that I have set a table before you to dine in My presence saith the Lord?

Come to Me ye who are weak, come to Me ye who are heavy laden. I say return, return, return unto Me with all of your hearts and you will find rest. You will find nourishment for your weary souls. Come, come, come and dine at the King's table. For I have prepared a banquet feast for all who are thirsty. Thirst I say, thirst for righteousness in this hour of darkness and I will fill you. I will fill you with the sweet manna of My presence. Come and dine with Me and I will be your all in all. Look up and rejoice, rejoice I say, for the time of your redemption surely is drawing nigh.

Yeah, I say go not to their feasts of the flesh and dine not on that which is not spiritual meat and does not satisfy. Return to Me with all your heart and you shall be hidden in the day of adversity, which is soon to come.

The Raising of The Titanic

Martin Banner - 2000
In the beginning of my dream I found myself floating in a small row boat in a vast sea of water. This large body of water seemed to have no boundaries and appeared to be a large ocean. I was floating for some time when I noticed what seemed to be a large vessel just beneath the waters surface. I proceeded to step out of the row boat into the water and onto the surface of this vessel. I was able to walk around upon the deck of the vessel wading in waist deep water, as I walked I was able to make out that it was a large ship just under the waters surface. I then climbed back into the row boat and floated off in another direction and seemed tofloat around the sea for some time.

Then on the horizon their appeared a large ship which was floating in the water with no passengers. I pulled alongside the vessel and climbed on board. After walking around on the deck I realized this was the same ship I had seen which was just under the waters surface and it had now been raised above the waters surface. The deck of the ship still had about a foot of water running around upon it and it had the appearance that the ship had just come up out of the water. I then realized that there was someone else on board walking around on the deck of the ship. I noticed that they were looking for artifacts upon the ship and I began torealize that this was an old ship and that it had been raised from beneath the ocean.

At this point in the dream I began to join in the hunt for artifacts from the ship. I went into a small room which could have been the pilot's house and continued to search. Suddenly something caught my attention and I leaned over to take a closer look. I found a huge padlock which was hanging on a hinge opened, I removed the lock from the hinge and again took note that it was strange that the lock was unlocked. As I examined the giant padlock I turned it around and saw the word "Titanic". At this point I realized that the ship I was on was the Titanic and that it had been raised from the ocean floor and was now floating.

As I examined the lock further I noticed that there was a compartment inside the lock with an opening to it. I then opened the compartment to find it full of very large gemstones and expensive jewelry. At this point I took one of the pieces of jewelry which appeared to be a very large diamond ring and inspected it more closely. As I examined the ring I looked inside the band and found a name inscribed upon the inner side of the ring which was "Rees Howell". At this point I assumed that the owner of this ring must have been someone named Rees Howell and that He must have been a passenger on board the Titanic. At this point someother people came onto the boat and we all had to leave. I showed them the unlocked padlock I had found and the jewels that were inside and we left the ship and then the dream ended.


When I woke up in the morning I remembered the dream vividly and as I recalled the dream I told it to my wife and daughter Elizabeth Joy. As we spoke of the dream I told them that I was going to go on the internet and look up the name "Rees Howell" and see if he could have been a passenger on board the Titanic when it sank. I noted that the name Rees was a strange name and wondered if I would find any listings for such a name.

To my surprise when I put in the name "Rees Howell" I came up with a number of listings referring to a Man of God who lived in the 1800's who is known as a great intercessor and has been spoken of as having been led by the Lord to pray for the great revival which has come to be known as the "Welsh Revival". At this point I knew for certain that the Lord had given me a prophetic dream and that the Lord had a deep message within this dream for the Body of Christ. I will now, to the best of my ability, try to interpret what I believe the Holy Spirit is saying through this dream.

1. There is coming a great move of the Holy Spirit throughout the entire world that will eclipse all other moves of God and will emphasize the resurrection power of Christ.

The raising of the Titanic represents this awesome move of the Spirit of God. This raising of that which was lost will be the culmination of the restorative power of God in a move and demonstration of the miraculous that will raise the dead, heal the sick and restore the lost.

This move of God is symbolized by raising the Titanic, a ship that was lost and sunken and could float no more, but is now floating. This represents the impossible becoming possible "for with God all things are possible". Our God has declared "is anything to difficult for me?" and during this move of God it will become obvious that nothing is to difficult for our Lord. Not only will the dead be raised but we will see a restoration of all that we have looked at as lost in our lives, but was really the will of God. That which we have deemed hopeless, that which we have given up on, that which we have looked at as dead,shall suddenly live again. Broken relationships, broken marriages, lost loved ones, visions that have long since been given up on, shall suddenly come alive again! All that which we have looked upon as being lost, shall suddenly spring to new life, as the awesome breath of God reaches that which we thought unreachable and resurrects that which we thought to be lost forever.

Nothing shall be out of the reach of this move of God. In this move of God that which the world has looked at as worthless and hopeless shall be the target for the miraculous. This move of the Spirit of God will be marked with the "Resurrection power of Christ" and even as the apostles stood in awe when they saw Him appear in their midst after He was raised, so shall we stand in awe, as suddenly, He appears in our midst and resurrects that which we thought was beyond hope.

2. The key to unlock this great move of the Holy Spirit is intercessory prayer.

The unlocked padlock in the dream represents the key to unlocking or "releasing" this move of God. The padlock had the name Titanic on it which was what was being raised. The key to releasing the resurrection power of Christ upon that which was lost is intercessory prayer. Within the padlock were jewels "the saints of God who are intercessors" who were used to pray in the moves of God from the past. One of the pieces of jewelry had the name "Rees Howell" inscribed upon it. Rees Howell was an intercessor used by the Lord to pray for the great move of God known as the "Welsh Revival".

The Lord is now calling for his intercessors to assemble themselves and intercede for the greatest move of God known to man. This move of God will touch and reach that which we thought was unreachable and will be the culmination in the Lord's Harvest before His return. The key to this move will be intercession and prayer and now is the time for the Body of Christ to sow for this visitation with fasting and intercession and for ALL TO RETURN TO THEIR PRAYER CLOSET AND SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH THEIR LORD. RON'S COMMENT.

3. You can be used by God to usher in this great move of the Holy Spirit.

Within the unlocked padlock there was a compartment that held jewels. These jewels were the great intercessors from past moves of God. I believe that the compartment represented that they held a special place in the heart of God and that in God's eyes these intercessors were looked at as jewels "precious" to God. You also can be one of those jewels, you can be used to help unlock "release " the next move of God. How, you ask? By returning to your prayer closets, by beginning to intercede for and believe God for the impossible, by spending quality time with your Lord and submitting to the Spirit of God.

As you seek the Lord ask Him how to intercede for what He wants to do in this generation and whatever He tells you to do, obey Him.

4. This move of God has already started and some have already walked in it.

The first visit to the boat represents a prior visitation of the Holy Spirit. When I first came to the ship it was completely submerged under the water, yet I was able to walk on its deck, waist deep in the water. The ship was under water "hidden from the view of the world" and out of site, yet I was walking on it. This represents a prior move of the Holy Spirit which only a small remnant will walk in. Those who are truly prophetic have already seen and walked into this great outpouring even though it is still hidden from the masses.

When I left the ship for some time this represents that this prior move will seem to subside for some time only to return in a much greater measure, when I came back to the ship it was now breaking the surface and visible and this second visitation will be the full outpouring of God's Spirit in a much greater measure then the previous visitation. Although it will appear as coming in two waves of visitation, this will all be part of the same move of the Holy Spirit.

When you first see the great ship, it is just about to break forth from the ocean, and is only a couple of feet under the waves. It is impossible to see a vessel or submarine hiding under even in a few inches of water unless you are directly on top of it. Those who "see" the ship coming up will be the forerunners who will prophesy what they see, and even what they touch! The raising of the "great ship" will not be seen by most of those in the church.

This sunken ship being raised again to the surface is also a very powerful prophetic picture of the church, which has been "sinking" in terms of significance throughout most of the 20th century. However, even though it may appear that the church has disappeared from sight; it will be "raised up" in the last days in far greater glory and power than it has ever demonstrated in the past.

5. Only a remnant of the Church will enter into this move of God.

During my first visit to the ship while it was yet under water, I walked on it alone. Myself being a prophet of the Lord, would take that to mean that during the first wave of this visitation, only those who are prophetic will enter into it. During my second visit I noticed someone else walking the deck as well and would take that to represent the apostolic move, possibly. Then later we were joined by others which I would take to represent the remnant church. But overall their were not many that had seen the ship and I believe that only a small remnant of the Church will enter into this move of the Holy Spirit. Those who do enter in will beused by the Lord to bring in the final Harvest before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ to rule and reign from His throne in the New Jerusalem.

6. The Titanic also represents America and the American economy.

When the Titanic left on its maiden voyage many claimed it was unsinkable, they later found out they were wrong. The Titanic represents America and the American stock market. In recent years the stock market has hit all time highs and many have thought that America and the American lifestyle are unsinkable, just like they did about the Titanic. They will again find out that they are wrong. The Titanic breaking the waters surface represents that America is now in the same danger as the Titanic was when sailing through the many icebergs that were all around her. Soon one of those icebergs will rip through the American economy and it will godown just like the Titanic. America and the world are now in danger of a total economic collapse, which will soon be triggered without warning, much like what happened to the Titanic.

Additional comments: The Titanic also clearly represents Great Britain and the British empire.

The Titanic was built in Ireland, which at the time was still apart of the British empire. It was designed by a Scott, and crewed by a wide mixture of British subjects. But most importantly, it was owned and operated by a British company, "The White Star Line", and flew under the British flag. It was a very British ship, and is very symbolic of the industrial, and even military might of Great Britain at its time of launching.

The sinking of Titanic by an iceberg, of all things, represents God's judgment on Great Britain. The Titanic sunk in 1912, soon after World War 1, the British empire began to contract, with the independence of Ireland being one of the first losses. (Coincidently, Ireland was where the Titanic was built!) The empire held up rather well from 1917 until war broke out again in 1939, but soon after the end of WW2, the empire began a tremendous contraction that is still in effect to this day. In 2002, there is even talk of a completely independent Scotland and Wales, both of which have been a part of the empire for a very long time!

More importantly, Rees Howell, the greatest intercessor of the 20th century, was himself a British subject.

The raising of the Titanic does not necessarily represent the return of the British empire, but it may foretell of the increase stature upon which Great Britain will play in the end-times church. The prayers of Rees Howell for his country did not come to a halt when Rees was taken to be with the Lord. Rather, I'm sure one will find Rees Howell still interceding right in front of the throne of Jesus, and his home country will no doubt be one of the major points of his intercession.

Because the Lord longs to honor his faithful servants, even long after they have departed to ever-lasting life, I believe the LORD is saying that Great Britain will have renewed influence in the last days, and a great revival will sweep the entire nation that will eclipse even the great Welsh revival of 1906.

This may also be prophetic in that the British may start moving away from their entanglements in the European Union, and start acting more like a sovereign nation once again.

7. At the same time as the collapse of the American stock market, there will come a mighty move of the Holy Spirit to bring in the Final Harvest.

We are now to intercede for the souls that God will bring to Himself in the troubled days that lie just ahead. With the collapse of the economy people will be looking for help and looking for answers, we need to now intercede that during the troubled times ahead that the church will be empowered by the Spirit of God to minister to the lost and bring in the Final Harvest.

Additional Comments: The "Raising of the Titanic" (symbolic of a great revival over all of Great Britain) will also be one of the signs of the Final Harvest.

Update 1/7/05

Three weeks after sending out the dream on our newsletter list back in 2000 a Titanic museum came to the city of Chicago with artifacts from the Titanic. This was the second visit to Chicago and it featured a pilot house just like in the dream.

I believe God is saying much through this dream and one fact that is clear now is that God is turning his back to America much like He did to England when the Titanic sank as a sign of judgment to England back at the beginning of the 20th century.

If you can follow me on this, God sent a sign of judgment to England by sinking the Titanic, there was a great revival that preceded this event with much of the church rejecting the visitation of God during the Welsh revival. Then the sign of judgment, the sinking of the Titanic comes and then three years later World War I where England was nearly destroyed. God turned his back on England for His purposes, for almost a century England went into spiritual decline. At one time the UK was the center of missionary outreach to the world, at the turn of the 20th century God turned away from England and turned to the US to be the center of thegospel and work of His kingdom. England and the UK went into spiritual decline for almost 100 years while the United States flourished in the work of the gospel.  God turned away from the UK and turned to the US and blessed the US greatly.

Then in the year 2001 another sign was sent of judgment... the 9-11 event, and the destruction of the twin towers. Now God is turning back to the UK. Symbolic of the raising of the Titanic in the dream and God is restoring the UK to a place of prominence again. At the same time He is turning away from the US much like he did to England after the sinking of the Titanic. Now it is the United States who has received the sign of judgment... the 9-11 event, and it is the US that is in spiritual decline and three years after the 9-11 event it is the US who finds herself in World War III, the war on terror.

If this is the correct interpretation of the dream, then expect spiritual conditions in the UK to improve while the US continues to decline spiritually much like what happened to England after the sinking of the Titanic and World War I.

Martin Banner

The Revelation of 7-11

Martin Banner - 9/10/98

Recently while on a trip to Northern Canada the Lord showed me the following revelation. One night while I was praying and seeking God in prayer the Lord spoke to me and said "7-11 take note". I looked up at the clock and it read 7:11 on the clock. The next evening while I was again praying the same thing occurred. The Lord spoke to me "7-11 take note". I again looked up at the clock as I did the previous night and again it read 7:11 on the clock.

I then started to seek the Lord as to the meaning of this and what 7-11 meant. After seeking the Lord for some time about this, the Lord spoke to me the following "there is an event coming on 7-11 that will begin World War III and the rise of the little horn the antichrist". The Lord then showed me the scripture in Daniel 7:11 which speaks about the rise of the little horn the antichrist and He then showed me that this number 7-11 is the number of the little horn... the antichrist.

Dan. 7:11
I beheld then because of the voice of the great words which the horn spake...

We then started to have this number 7-11 come to us in many ways. We received a post card from 7-11 spaghetti sauce from Italy; we then received an electric bill for 711 kilowatt hours. Then I was watching a football game where they repeatedly stopped the game with 7:11 seconds left in the quarter and would then show the scoreboard with the time 7:11 in the middle of the screen and then they would go to a commercial. This happened several times during the game.

The Lord later showed me that September means seventh month and that the 7-11 date is on the Julian calendar and that September is the 7th month on the Julian calendar.

I was shown that there is an event coming on 7-11 that will begin World War III and will begin the rise of the little horn the antichrist. I was also shown the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns with the little horn the antichrist being the 11th horn, which gives us the number 7-11, which is the number of the antichrist.

I was not shown what year this event would occur, nor was I shown where it would occur or what this event would be, but only that there is an event coming. This event on September 11th will begin World War III and the rise of the little horn the antichrist.

NOTE: Many have falsely applied the number 666 to the antichrist but this number 666 is the number of the beast. The beast is the Dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns and represents world government. The antichrist is the little horn, the eleventh horn that rises up with the 10 horns and the number of the antichrist is 711.


The fulfillment of the prophetic word I received while in Canada in 1998 came on September 11, 2001 when the terrorists attacked America and destroyed the twin towers in NYC. This event I believe fulfilled every aspect of the word I was given in 1998.

I want to condemn this horrific act of terrorism perpetrated against the American people and all acts of terrorism committed anywhere against anyone. Acts of terror and fear, designed to manipulate people, are condemned by God and by His word.

I want to also pray and ask God for healing for all those who lost loved ones, family, and friends in this terrible event. Our prayers and our sympathy go out to each and every one of you and we pray for healing for your hurt and pain. The word of God says to weep with those who weep and mourn with those who mourn and I know that many of you have suffered an irreplaceable loss, due to this wicked and evil criminal act.

First I was told there was an event coming on 7-11 on the Julian calendar. If you look at any Julian calendar you will see that 7-11 on the Julian calendar is September 11th.

Second I was told that the event that was coming would begin World War III. Many believe this event has begun World War III and that this war on terror is the beginning of World War III. President Bush has even declared that 9-11 began World War III.

Third I was told that the coming event would begin the rise of the little horn the antichrist. This event has changed many things and we will have to wait and see who the antichrist is, but we know that the bible describes him as a "little horn". This means he is insignificant in the eyes of the world community and he is not a major world leader but rather he is a "little horn". He is someone that you would not look to as a leader of the world and he has no major leadership role. Did someone who fits this description come to world prominence from the event on September 11th?

I would say yes! Osama Bin Laden came to world prominence through this event and he would definitely fit the role of a "little horn". He also has the ability to unite the Moslem world in an Islamic Jihad against the Christian nations as Mohamed did. Is Osama the antichrist? That we will have to wait and see, but it is interesting that the bible prophecies that the antichrist will attempt to cause all those who refuse to worship him to be beheaded.

Of course we know that God will not allow His bride to be beheaded so we know the antichrist will fail in His attempt to kill the bride of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, but the Moslems do use beheading as a way to kill those who violate their antichrist religion.

Could Osama or someone like him arise from this event to be the "little horn" to lead an Islamic jihad against the western civilized nations?

Time will tell, but since the first two aspects of this prophetic word have come to pass as God declared, I believe the third aspect will as well and that this event will bring to power the "little horn" spoken of in the word of God in the book of Daniel and that He will be the prophesied antichrist who causes all to receive a mark that they might not buy or sell without it.

Since this event the Lord has revealed many other things about the number 7-11 as well. This number is the base number of the pyramid which is 11 wide and 7 high. This number is in the music scale with 7 notes and 11 scales. Sound travels on the fraction of 7 over 11. In the year 711 Mohamed attacked the Christian nations of Europe.

The September 11th event also has the number 711 stamped all over it and if you research this you will find the connections to be numerous.

God knows the beginning from the end and his word always comes to pass.

Amen and Amen!